Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Fellowship of the Dragon

Dragon Harald Fairhair, Illustrasjon Steinar Iversen
In March of 2010, construction began on what will be the largest Viking ship ever built in modern times. Named after Harald Fairhair, the king who unified Norway into one kingdom, the great dragon ship is coming together in the town of Haugesund in Western Norway. Now, they are looking for volunteers!

At a hundred and fourteen feet of crafted oak, twenty-seven feet on the beam, displacing seventy tons, and with a thirty-two hundred square foot sail of pure silk, this magnificent ship will indeed be worthy of a king.
The Dragon Harald Fairhair will have 25 pairs of oars. It is necessary to have at least two people on each oar to row the ship efficiently. That will give a crew of at least 100 persons, yet the craft should be able to be sailed by only twelve.

Norway’s leading experts in traditional boat building and the square sail are engaged in the development and construction of the ship. The construction is an experimental archaeological research program, and our aim is to recreate a ship with the superb seaworthiness that characterized the ocean going longships in the Viking Age. (adapted from website)The Dragon-Ship project need help, and so the "Fellowship of the Dragon" has been founded. They are looking for volunteers to;
  • Spread word of the project and its findings.
  • Sail with the Dragon.
  • Meet the Dragon as it travels round the world. 
  • Help film the Dragon's construction and its journey. 
  • Make historical gear for the Dragon and it's crew. 
Contribute knowledge to the project, If you are interested in being involved, check out -this website-

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