Tuesday, 1 January 2013

DIY Valsgarde-6ish Replica

The reconstructive side of living history is a continually evolving process, and maintaining high standards necessitates continual improvement, and often ruthless retirement and replacement of kit.

The DIY Valsgarde-6(ish) replica, constructed from modern materials and using modern techniques, as one of our younger members' first forays into metalwork, involved a month of relatively full-time work and substantial research, and continues to enjoy the occasional outing to events.   However, the maker of this item feels that this item, in terms of quality and authenticity, is not representative of the authenticity standards which the Thegns aspire to, with major reconstruction projects, and has asked that this content be archived.

The multi-chaptered documentation of the construction of this helmet is available from the web-editor by request.      info@thegns.org

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